Lost Dialect – School Dayz
Lost Dialect — School Dayz
Release date : Dec. 03, 2013
Label : Hi Def Media, LLC
  1. Show and Tell feat. Vanessa Grundy (Prod. by: DFK Pro)
  2. Higher (Prod. by: Ahptimus Prime)
  3. I Can't Leave feat. Ahptimus Prime (Prod. by: Ahptimus Prime)
  4. What I Do (Prod. by: Ahptimus Prime)
  5. To The Pad (Prod. by: Moods)
  6. Shots Fired (Prod. by: Sparaza Beats)
  7. Stick Up Kidz (Prod. by: Ahptimus Prime)
  8. The Wood (Prod. by: G Rocka)


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Just a regular day, where we peak into the minds of three guys going through the “day to day” grind.

A soundtrack to their lives, School Dayz is a small glimpse into the sights & sounds of the town they call home. From A Tribe Called Quest & NWA, to girls & relationships, School Dayz is all about life in the “City of Champs”… otherwise known as “The Wood”.