Lost Dialect – #PrimeDialect EP
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Lost Dialect — #PrimeDialect
Release date : May. 05, 2014
Label : Hi Def Media, LLC
  1. Freedom Rider feat. Ahptimus Prime
  2. Dirty Roads feat. Rick Gonzalez
  3. Beautiful Mind
  4. Anything Goes
  5. Am I God feat. Ahptimus Prime
  6. No Apologies feat. Vanessa Grundy


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Inglewood Hip Hop trio Lost Dialect releases this six song EP #PrimeDialect which is produced entirely by Cleveland, Ohio beatmaker Ahptimus Prime.

Set to a sound crafted from blues and jazz, encased in hip hop bass kicks, 808′s, and drums, lies a collection of rhythms and rhymes that allow not just the hip hop fan to sit back and fade into the music, but also the music connoisseur.