Lost Dialect – Inglewood, Ca.

Lost Dialect members Mark “ActRight” Whitlock III, MarQuice “J. Qwest” Lee, and Andrew “Mistah Redd” Walker are the definition of true Hip-Hop heads. As fans of the game before they started spitting, Lost Dialect pays homage to Hip Hop’s Golden Era with each verse, opting to challenge every notion had about Hip Hop and what it represents. Fusing jazz, R&B, and Hip Hop swag, these Inglewood, CA. natives bring that “original, feel good music” back to the often violent and clichéd rap genre.


Intelligent, humorous and impassioned, Lost Dialect shows a deep understanding of personal accountability, communal responsibility, and self-awareness through their memorable lyrics and refreshing beats. From hard-hitting to light-hearted lyrics, their accounts of self-development and emotional struggles are both poignant and infectious.


ActRight—the brains, J. Qwest—the style, and Mistah Redd—the muscle, began their journey from humble beginnings. Teenage friends ActRight and Mistah Redd met through Jack and Jill of America, a mentorship and educational program for high school students. They bonded quickly over their shared love of music and rhyming and soon began writing together, using ActRight’s karaoke machine for beats. As high school students, they formed a battle dance group and performed in competitions around Los Angeles, CA. to fund their musical endeavors. The two eventually took a break from performing to concentrate on their personal lives for a few years.


In 2007, the dynamic duo dusted off their mics and added a new member to the tribe, J. Qwest. The longtime friend of Lost Dialect producer Duce, coincidentally ActRight’s little brother, J. Qwest started drumming at a family gathering while the emcees freestyled – they immediately clicked. Already a fan of ActRight and Mistah Redd, J. Qwest began studying the origins of Hip Hop and writing his own rhymes. J. Qwest continued to hone his skills and was later featured on ActRight and Mistah Redd’s solo projects. Six months later, Lost Dialect was born!


Since the inception of the group, Lost Dialect has performed at sold out shows all throughout California (Long Beach, San Diego, Malibu, Fullerton) and Texas (Austin), in addition to releasing a series of three EP’s; Baggage Claim and School Dayz in 2013, and the final one #PrimeDialect which was released May 5th.


As in the case of musical pioneers, such as Run DMC and The Roots, who refused to be confined to stereotypical categories of music, Lost Dialect similarly hopes to use their musical poetry to galvanize others into taking action and in embracing the idea of a more communal view of Hip Hop, as demonstrated in current mainstream songs. Their unrelenting quest is evident thought their resounding lyrics. Touching upon trivial to thought-provoking, tragic to triumphant, agonizing to joyous topics, they speak to the average man who surmounts through life’s difficulties and strives to achieve and overcome his dreams.


As trained musicians and fans of music themselves, Lost Dialect —ActRight (piano), J. Qwest (drums), and Mistah Redd (saxophone) — provides their listeners with not only sounds pleasing to the ear, but utter words that touch upon their other senses by inspiring and illuminating their hearts, souls and minds and in quenching their thirst for raw, honest and systematic music. Each song carries the listener on a journey with the three emcees, as the lyrics paint the scenery and the sounds, serving as our life’s soundtrack, playing in the background.


West coast rap giants Snoop Lion (formerly Snoop Dogg) and B. Real of Cypress Hill took to their social media sites recently to highlight the group. With those endorsements, the possibilities for Lost Dialect’s future are not only bright, but endless. Let’s inspire and be inspired.